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Last Updated: 26 Jun 2008 12:09

Special one this! - Hello, My name is Marie and I am the daughter of Ole Botved, who you might know, was the founder and the spirit of Botved Boats/Coronet. It truly feels special to see that these boats still have a following and are for some a nearly collection item. I spend my first 7 years of my childhood on his boats and have great memories from it. My father was a remarkable man and a visionary. Back in the 60's, Coronet defied trends and keeps for decades a modern look and appeal to boat lovers. I just wanted to let you know that your web site brought up many memories and warmed my heart. Best Regards, Marie [email withheld]

02Jul2002 - Hi Simon, many thanks for your helpful advice.  If I understood it correctly from the seller this boat had been fitted with the 2 diesel-engines right from the shelve when originally purchased.  The engines are  2  VOLVO PENTA AQDA 40 .  Could you pls. put my 2 e-mails into your mail-box  so hopefully somebody having exactly the same spec. of engines in this boat might be able to give further advice re the potential problem with vibrations. By the way the seller has offered this boat as Coronet 32 Commander Wing.  Has there ever been a Commander with 32 foot???  When looking at your photo-galleries I rather think that the offered boat is a  32 OF Wing. Best regards Mathias. MSRMakler$$

01Jul2002- Hi, pleased having discovered this web-site.  I have been offered a CORONET  32  OCEANFARER  WING built in 79.  The boat seems to be in reasonable shape but can anybody give me advice of  experience made with this boat and what to examine specifically prior to purchase. (any problematic issues ????)     It is fitted with two VOLVO AQDAD diesel engines each providing some (?) 130 hp. Would be grateful for any assistance and advice. Best regards Mathias Hannover - Germany MSRMakler$$

10Jun2002 - Hello coronet owners, i found one model missing in your list.the cruiser from the early sixties. it´s a sailboat and we restored it in 2000/2001 .maybe you´ll like it.i hope you can open the files. best wishes bernd pfitzner cologne germany

31-01-2002 - Hello Simon, I have enjoyed your web site! My wife and I have a 1970 32 foot Oceanfarer. We live in the Thousand Islands section of the St.Lawrence seaway. A good friend of mine had ( his father) the only Coronet dealership in Ontario back in the seventies, and having grown up around many Coronet's I'm very familiar with most of the models. I have the original Oceanfarer brochure, as well as a navy neck tie with the Coronet "crown", the tie was given to my friend's father by Mr.Botved himself, along with a scale model of the Oceanfarer, about 3 feet long. Anyway, the Oceanfarer is a beautiful boat, our's has just been restored to brochure condition, all original items, nothing has been altered. I've also just had new engines and outdrives installed, twin 190 hp volvo penta gas engines and sx outdrives. She should be good for another 30 years! There aren't many Coronet's around any more, although there seems to be a few in this area. People don't sell them, they hang on to them forever...hmm..I wonder why ? Anyway, you've done a great job with the web site, enjoy your boat ! Steve Moore. smoore130$$

31-01-2002 - We have a 1976 Center cockpit with a Perkins diesel motor. We love this boat as it accommodates 6 with 2 heads etc. My husband has quite severe arthritis and we are thinking we had better sell. We are in Prince Edward Island, Canada and regretfully have placed Sea Dog on the market, Kathy Kennedy  kathyk$$

29-01-2002 - Just purchased a coronet 24 family/fly Requires restoration, would appreciate any help with spec/information on model, in particular structural information or photographs. signed your guest book great site for Coronet Owners chat room ??? rod asutae$$

24-01-2002 - What's to say about the coronet. Like you say you do not appreciate the boat until you own one. I have had the immense pleasure of restoring one Coronet 21 cabin cruiser, which I also converted to diesel, diesel being the preferred fuel for inland waterways like Loch Lomond where I have my boat. I have Just taken on a new project of restoration. She is a Coronet 24 Family Fly, well! I think that's what she is, I'm not 100% sure But I'm sure she is a coronet, and I'm looking forward to it. Perhaps you could help me out here, in your terrific model range on your web-site unfortunately the picture of the 24 family fly is unobtainable do you still have access to that picture, if so could you e/mail me a copy. It would be greatly appreciated. I would also welcome any information you can send me. Rod. asutae$$

20-01-2002 - Hi' Simon Sorry it has taken so long to respond, But I also have been looking for information on Coronets for I have a 31 ft aft cabin. Have been in contact with the Swedish boat club at if you still have your coronet, try this site. I have asked for information, and waiting to hear back. Regards Stan Cobourn stan.cobourn$$

19-01-2002 - Hello Simon I am the very proud owner of a 1976 family 24. I`m in the middle of an interior refit but having never attempted anything like this before I`m finding it all a bit daunting. Luckily she is parked on the driveway so I can tinker whenever the mood takes me but I think its going to take longer than the 12 months that I promised my Wife!!! The boat is fitted with the standard twin volvo 130/270 and I anticipate quite high running costs. I`ve been considering fitting diesels. Do you have any suggestions? Or even better could you put me in contact with anyone who has successfully completed a conversion. I should imagine the cost would immediately transfer to the value of the boat but is it feasible? Thanks for keeping such a fine web site going. I can see from the "hits" that there must be a fair number of Coronet fans out there who, like me, are very grateful for the time and effort you have put in. I`ll send you an update on the refit when I can and some pic`s for the album. Paul tucker.mail$$

14-01-2002 - Hi everyone...we have an old (maybe 1970) OceanFarer 30 called Rambling Rose. I would be interested to know if there is anyway of finding the exact age via the serial number. Also I see from your great page that there is a picture of some spare parts, so I went to the site, got it in English but still could not find the parts section!!! I am particularly interested in the running lights embedded in the teak handles...mine are completely shot!!! We love out boat and are currently trying to restore it to former glory...we bought it from someone who left it in a yard for 7 years...criminal. She's got new engines (twin Volvo 203 in-line fuel injected), swimming platform, trim tabs, electrics etc. The current project is new bulk head and stern deck, new fuel tanks and add a generator. I will send a picture how she looks when we are done. If anyone is in Bermuda later this year and wants to go for a spin send me an EMail. Glad to see these boat are still so popular... Christopher J. Bardgett christopher.bardgett$$

08-01-2002 - Did you get the translation you needed from the Swedish Coronet site ? Maybe I could help you if you need any assistance. Regards. Guy Lovett pl$$

23-12-2001 - grazie ........ da me e my coronet 30 ocean Salvatore Sicari sasicari$$

17-12-2001 - Hi I'm John from Malta and I'm a Coronet 27 owner. I bought my Coronet 4 years ago and each year I try to refurbish her where necessary.2 years ago I altered the cockpit canopy from a soft top to a hard one made of fibreglass fixed on top of the windscreen extending to just behind the drivers' seat. From there I attached a new canopy which extends sideways and backwards down to the wooden hand rails. I would like to change the windscreen of my seafarer 27 because the aluminium corroded. Besides I would like to build a radar arch in stainless steel or aluminium. Any idea if I will be able to find a replacement made from the factory, or would I have to make one myself. I would also appreciate an idea of a suitable radar arch model which could be fixed to my model. Thank you John Borg twinky$$

14-12-2001 - Good afternoon, I have a 1970 32 foot Oceanfarer and I would like to know if you know anything about the optional cockpit folding table ? I have the original brochure for the boat and I would like to make one myself so I was wondering if you might know anything about it's dimensions. I'd really appreciate hearing from you. Thank's for your time ! Steve Moore mailto:smoore130$$

04-12-2001 - hallo from Denmark I am very interested in coronet i already had a midi and a old wood and fiber boot .Last year i visit the Danish coronet maker Niels Barfred and I have some pictures of the new coronets Hans 200turbo$$

02-12-2001 - Hello, I am found of this boat and I want to buy her. The length is 6m60 or 22' but the line looks like a seafarer 27'. Is it possible that there are 22' explorer models with look of the seafarer? I am looking for details about the engine: the Z-drive is still there but no motor. Somebody told me is was a 165Hp Volvo. Are there motors from today who can be used on the z-drive? Thanks Michel Michel. Monbaliu$$

26-11-2002 - Grazie per vostro sito ,vi mando la foto del mio Coronet 30 ocean. Salvatore Sicari sasicari$$ 

21-11-2001 - Hi Simon We have a 24ft daycruiser/weekender and would like to know if there are any identifying marks anywhere that we could tell the exact age of her. She has been repowered with a 150 Yamaha outboard motor. Many Thanks Warren King gonepotty$$

06-11-2001 - Hallo! I'm Susanna from Verona-Italy. I LOVE Coronet Boats! :) I'd like found info and inside's photos of Coronet 38 Commander and Coronet 32 Deepsea Sedan...can you help me?! =) Very Thanks! (sorry for my bad English!) SUSY Susanna Padrini susy_$$

24-10-2001 - Desearía saber quién es su concesionario en España de sus embarcaciones. Grácias por sus molestias. Un Saludo Juan M. Moreno Juan Manuel Moreno Fernández jmmorenof$$

24-10-2001 -I was looking at a 31 ft aft cabin in Ontario Canada. It has sat on a trailer for the last 6 years, outside ,half covered with a tarp . Some of the wood trim inside needs replacement (rot). I wonder if some of the wood hull joices/stringers encapsulate in the fiberglass are able or likely to rot on these boats in general. I have dealt with rot on other small fiberglass boats. it is a single diesel inboard. Low hours. They run the engine yearly to keep it fresh. The owner said the bottom of the hull in the engine area is 1.5 inches thick. these boats are not as stylish as modern boats (only my view). I would assume it would be easy enough to update with remodeling inside. I also like the Chris Craft boats of similar size. However this boat seems tougher. I am a safety nut. I don't like flimsy things. I would like a boat that will not tip over in bad weather if caught out in a storm in the Great Lakes. If not you can you lead me to anyone with a good knowledge of hull integrity etc. i have drooled over this boat for 5 years because of its tough hull ( per owners claims) and diesel (low fire hazard) and low fuel consumption. Needs some work and clean up and fresher interior. any wisdom? age 42 wife 3 young kids. I am a financial planner in Toronto. I like used toys and repair projects. You name it, I will learn a new skill to fix something if i don't know how to already (electronics/computers excluded). Thank you very much Thomas Alder phone # 519-927-3338 plan4u$$

15-10-2001 - hello, my name is jim. I just found your web site and was wondering if you could please help me find some information. I recently, acquired a 1960,s? 22 foot explorer with a single volvo 4 cylinder. I'm trying to locate some good pictures or literature showing how everthing is hooked up. You see, the entire interior is removed, the previous owner removed every piece of woodwork and refinished it. I have every piece, but since he is now deceased, I have no reference as to how things go back together and should look. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated, and i'll say thank you in advance. jim JRGrieshop$$

08-10-2001 - We have bought and started restoration on 1962,maybe 64 23 foot botved coronet. Any info on engine and out drive would be great, rebuilt the keel and complete hull. Tested and she does still floats. XRuthieM$$

06-10-2001 - Good afternoon, was wondering if you know of any other 32 foot Oceanfarer owners in the 1,000 Islands area of the St. Lawrence River here in Ontario, Canada ? Also, I've tried with NO luck to join the Coronet Sweden Yacht Club...hmm, I've got an original Coronet neck tie that I would like to trade for say...a Coronet patch/crest. My friend had the Ontario dealership for Botved Boats back in the seventies, at Port Colborne, on Lake Erie...and I believe he has a scale model of the 32 foot Oceanfarer that was a gift from Mr. Botved for selling so many of his boats. Hope to hear from you. Steve Moore. smoore130$$

02-10-2001 - Hello! I'm owner of a 1980 coronet 24 cabin. I would like to know who kind of motor i can install because my 2 volvo aq 130 are finished. May i install 2 x 200? And 2 diesel? Ottica Più otticap$$

19-09-2001 - Hi my name is Domenico I'm from Rome (Italy) and I've been a proud owner of Coronet 21 that I totally restructured ten years ago. I loved that boat but I had to sell it two years later. Some days ago walking around in a "parking area" for old boats I found an old and abandoned Coronet 32 Oceanfarer. Engines had been removed, external woods were totally ruined and guide place destroyed. However that boat seemed to me the best I had ever seen and, only for this reason, I thought that it could be still considered recoverable. I asked some information about the boat to a man working there and he told me that it was not sailing since 10 years. I obtained the telephone number of the owner and I contacted him. The boat is on sale. The price is not so convenient. So I'm now deciding about the possibility of spending every weekend of my next two years working on the boat. What kind of suggestion can you give me? Could you send me all internal/external pictures of Coronet 32 that you have? Do you know if original parts of the boat can be still found somewhere? Thank you for your attention. Domenico D.Borzomati$$

23-08-2001 - My wife and I own a lovely 1969 Seafarer. We found it resting badly on blocks in a boatyard in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It had been there since the original owner had passed away nine years before. We purchased this boat four years ago, and after three years and considerable expense, she is now resting in her berth at Safe Harbor Marina, on Lake Erie, North East, Pennsylvania. Originally the power was Volvo diesel thru 250D lowers, but in 1985 the original owner opted to convert to 165A Petrol units. Gary Bemiss maxsdad44$$

02-07-2001 - Grazie per il tuo sito sul coronet (scusa se ti scrivo in italiano, ma non conosco l'inglese ) Ti invio una foto del mio Coronet 30 anno 1969 acquistato in ottobre 2000 con motori Mercruiser 4.3 l.Barca davvero fantastica sia per l'interno che per la tenuta dello scafo in mare. Grazie per le notizie sul Coronet da te fornite Buon mare Amico Salvatore Sicari sasicari$$

26-06-2001 - I'm very happy to know that there is another proud lover of coronet's boat ( sorry for my English ). I'm chatting from Italy and my father is an happy owner of CORONET 24 CABIN dated ( i think ) 1970. . Greetings. Alex Alessandro Tondelli atondelli$$

26-06-2001 - Recently happy owner of a Coronet 24 born en 1969, equipped with two gasoline engines Volvo 2 * 130 CV, I search some documentation regarding this boat, the engines, and so on. Can you help me in this way? Congratulations for your internet server. Friendly, Jacques Plaçais jacques.placais$$

22-06-2001 - I have noticed that you haven't got a picture of a coronet 21 cabin. so here is one [his picture] although it is from before we started putting the boat back in shape. Ill will sent one of the boat as it looks today at a later time. Henrik H. Nielsen Uummannaq, Greenland. henriklone$$

07-06-2001 - I have looking Your websites and it is very good to know that there are lot of people who are intrested in Coronet boats. I have one of these classical wonderfull boats, she is Coronet 21 Cabin. I think that this Coronet is quite rare, because I haven't seen any picture of it in internet and also in any magazines which are available in Finland. My Coronet is 21 Cabin year modal is 1966 and she is powered by Mercruiser 215 hp with gasoline and fresh cooling water system. She's appearance is little modified by "targa curve" and few lines of tape. If you want to have picture of your collection or know something more of that Coronet, please contact to: silvennoinen$$

05-06-2001 - I am owner of a rather unusual daycruiser the 22 DC (also named 230 Silver Sun when it appeared during mid eighties in all white). It is good fun to hear that you enjoy your boat. In Sweden the Coronets are popular and well known. In any pleasure boat harbour you will find at least one. The carry a good reputation of high quality, good performance and unrivalled style. In my opinion some models are better than others. I guess you should be happy that you got V8s rather than the far too frequent Volvo 170 hp. They are known for being thirsty and they have got at multi carburettor arrangement that is less than optimal. Best boating regards Pontus Wallin Stocksund, Sweden pontus.wallin$$

04-06-2001 - Hi Simon. My name is Brad Colllins and my boat is a deepsea called "Jalakai'. Means' blue water 'in aboriginal I'm told .I've owned her for 7 years and she's powered by 2 150hp Mitsubishi diesels . Coronets are as rare as rocking horse poo in oz so it was great to find your site perhaps I can com with other owners. lets all get together and form the worlds biggest yacht club!...who has a 44 ...i want one regards to all. Brad Collins StainlessGuySYD$$

26-05-2001 - I have a friend whose husband died and left a restored Coronet in their barn. From the brochure she sent me it looks like it is a Seafarer 27. Can you tell me where she could find its value? Great website, by the way! Thanks for any help you can provide. Rita Schultz RitaASchultz$$

17-04-2001 - I have a Coronet 21 and am looking for any other Coronet owners in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario and would also like to organize a local rendezvous of Coronets in the area, some time in the summer of 2001. Please contact me with any questions via email, thank you in advance to all who respond. Andreas Koch Toronto - ON akoch$$

12-04-2001 - Hi, found your home-page when I was out searching for interesting coronet stuff. My name is Johan Ottosson from Gothenburg Sweden. Now I own my third coronet. It's a the same as yours a -73 Coronet 32 oceanfarer. Before I have had a 21 dc and a 26 family. My still have it's original engines Volvo B30 straight six cylinder engines, well not original renovated in -95 and freshwater cooled. Maybe little to small engines but as long as they not breaks I will keep them. I have a backup engine back home in the garage for spare parts. Bought that one for about 300 £. I'm part of the Swedish Coronet Yacht Club. Right now we are planning for the meeting we shall have on the Swedish west coast this summer. The record for one meeting is 20 Coronets. I have learned to know a lot of Coronet owners from the club. We usually go together during the weekends with our Coronets. It's a quite spectacular sight when we are coming with our Coronets. We are about five boats normally going together all 32 of. This spring I'm equipping my Coronet with windlass and bow propeller. From now on it shall be much easier in the harbours. Br Johan Ottosson johan.ottosson$$

11-04-2001 - Interested in resources for getting engine parts for 1974 Daycruiser 21 ft. Any information or leads will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, David MacDonald Millertyme86865$$

01-04-2001 - I bought a coronet 27 seafarer last summer, I didn't use it because it have some problems in engines. Now I arrange the engines and some other maintenance on it. The first owner have this boat for about 25 years and new he is retired and he told me that onetime he change the props because he lost one prop and when he went to buy he did not found the same size and he bought two new props 15x15 it is not the original size and he forgot now the original props size. The engines is AQD29/250 it is 92BHP six cylinder in line diesel. Please did you know someone have the same boat to tell me about the props, And if you can help me I need some parts for the same boat like two coronet emblems chrome plated original part No 7130-13,and one aft vent 7000-21 and stern light complete 7500-11 and like coronet mat with coronet logo and six glasses with coronet logo too. I thank you for your cooperation. Joseph. BEST REGARDS. Joe Cassar joecassar$$

18-02-2001 - I just bought a 1977 coronet 32 ft cruiser. I just started to explore it. If I find any useful information I will let you know. Stamos stamouli$$

26-01-2001 - Simon: Thanks for being on e-mail I didn't think there were anyone w/ Oceanfarers left. I am trying to print your comments on your boat but can't. I would like to hear more & will continue to keep in touch. Sincerely,  Dan Branch D3tred$$

25-01-2001 - Hi Simon, My name is Bengt and I am a proud owner of a coronet 30 OF. Where do you live, and how long have you been owner of your vessel ? What do you know so far about our boats?? I will scan a picture of my boat and mail it to you. Panta ReiBengt coronet30$$

02-01-2001 - hi Simon. great to hear from you, also a happy new to you & family. looking through your guest book my last message is still there about the middle of the year it is the last one before you said you had a computer crash./ however after my email yesterday i read through your guest book , & as you say ironic its spooky to say the least. the 30ft coronet (norseman) that he owned is in fact my boat & he only lives about 5klms away i have sent him a email so i think we will be doing a lot of chatting in the near future. i have also made contact with a mr. bengt wahlin in sweden who also ownes a 30ft. we have a regular chat about our boats. love the pictures in your photo gallery, as i have a very strong interest & love for my boat i will be keeping in touch with you & other coronet owners through your guest book to learn as much as i can. there are several coronets in australia &i will endeavour to locate them, maybe they also would like to know your out there. best regards. ray davis.(norseman30ft.) davis$$

24-12-2000 - Hi my name is Sid mills from Mississauga,Ontario,Canada.I just today found your web site(its great).Thought I would send you a pic of my 1976 31 aft. By the way,do you have any idea how much this boat sold when it was new?This boat had twin 4 cyls but has been upgraded to twin 260 hp v8s. My email is evensid$$ for anyone who wants to contact me.

20-11-2000 - Simon Apologies but I meant to ask you about petrol consumption - I note your boat has twin V8's which I would immagine drink the stuff even at low speed. The boat I am looking at has twin Volvo 170hp straight six's which I am told by the broker will burn about a gallon per hour per engine at river cruising speed - 4 knots. Do you have a view on this? Regs Phil phil.murden$$

20-11-2000 - Simon Great to find your web site and understand a little more about this rare boat. I am in the throws of purchasing a 1972 Ocean Farer but having no experience of these vessels, really don't know what I'm looking at? I've attached details below and would appreciate any guidance you can offer. We are having it surveyed both structurally and safety scheme and expect to have to outlay a further £5k to bring it up to river/sea cruising spec but I am told the asking price reflects this???? - £20k as she stands. Is this a reasonable price - she looks immaculate and has been really well maintained but to be honest, with the repairs, is she worth £25k??? Kind regards Phil phil.murden$$

10-11-2000 - My husband and I recently acquired a 1974 24' Coronet Cabin Cruiser. It is in need of work, mainly putting the interior back together ( we have all the cushions, wood flooring, rails, etc, we just need to see a floor plan so we can get an idea of how it will all look when complete. We also have the hard top.) If you could help in any way it would be much appreciated. We have no paperwork on it so anything you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks cj ocean$$

17-10-2000 - I have a 1962 Model 22ft Coronet Explorer. In the process of refinishing over the years, the Coronet emblems (crown) has been lost or broken. Do you know if there is anywhere I could get a replica of the original emblem? Or if you know of anyone that might have some. I need two for the wooden side panels. sdking$$

27-09-2000 - Hi there, just found your site and wanted to say hello. I recently purchased a 32 Coronet Deepsea (photo attached) and have loved it all summer on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Glenn Wright, West St. Paul, Manitoba, Canada Glenn Wright wright$$

22-08-2000 - The things you see at the swedish coronet page, is new produced original parts for sale.
It is for the members at first i think. regards Christian Bratt christian.bratt$$

21-08-2000 - We can buy a Coronet 33 houseboat. We found a few pictures of that boat on the internet. But no specifications found. Can you send us specifications for the houseboat Coronet 33 and the mesurements. And the motor specifications. It will help us tu dicide to buy or not. Henk Goossens Blokzijlmeen 10 3844 HB Harderwijk E mail: h.goossens2$$

18-08-2000 - I am terribly sorry to bother you, but your web page did give a link to your email. Your boat is a true beauty, one several of my friends and I admire. Alas, I have a question for you. Do you know if there are any charter companies with such lovely vessels about? Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Taenvri brynn$$

09-08-2000 - I have a Coronet 21 and am looking for any other Coronet owners in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario and would also like to organize a local rendezvous of Coronets in the area. Please contact me with any questions via email, thank you in advance to all who respond. Andreas Koch Toronto - ON andreas.koch$$ 

08-08-2000 - I am looking for a Coronet 21 or 24 DC, if you have any hints where I could find one for a reasonable price I would be very gratefull. I currently own a Coronet 17, I am very happy with it, but I would need a bit bigger boat because my family has got bigger. So, if you please have some information please send me an email ! Thanks Lauri Tukiainen auri.tukiainen$$

05-07-2000 - Hi simon i have a 1974 24" Coronet weekender that i like to sell. Here is some details: Twin volvos 130/270 one engine is seized. Teak interior, pump out head. Needs t.l.c. First $2000. Takes it Away. Located in Bellevile ONTARIO. PH. 905-714-4300. Thank you. CRITON61$$

30-06-2000 - Just found your site on the WEB being an avid Coronet enthusiast I have become a good friend of Henrik Jacobsen and regularly visit his site and the Coronet Sweden site. I am fortunate in that I currently own a 1985 32 Oceanfarer Wing with twin AQAD40/DP diesels and a 1978 32 Oceanfarer with twin ADQ40/280 diesels.Do you have a copy of the Scandinavian 1985 32 Oceanfarer Wing picture ? I think this will probably be my boat as this was the only one built.  Regards Matt Stringer Matt.Stringer$$ 

27-06-2000 - I was glad to find your webpage on Coronet boats. I have a 18' runabout that my parents bought in ~1962 at the Outdoor Store in Columbus, Ohio. It was beautifully redone in ~1990 and the Volvo inboard/outboard was replaced with an OMC. This work was done by Harbor Vue Marina (Stan Ferguson) in Little Current, Mantoulin Island, Ontario. I would like to get further information on this model boat and it's history. Thank you. Professor Phillip B. Sparling  phil.sparling$$

13-06-2000 - Just came across your website and what a pleasant surprise .We have owned a 32 for8 yrs and enjoyed it very much.A 1970 vintage and we are the third owners. Weare in Ontario Canada, where are you? Plse advise at your convenience. Clive. clivejoy$$

09-06-2000 - dear simon.  i live in sydney australia a long way from most coronet owners yet since i bought mine i have noticed three more for sale in aust.  would like to hear from you or any one who owns a 30FT also to compare notes, photo-graphs etc.  by for now. ray davis davis$$

A computer crash lost me a lot of mail in between these!

30-03-2000 - Dear Simon, Delighted that you have updated your site. Our 24-foot twin-Volvo powered Coronet, the Odyssey, is still at Marina Île Perrot and is still for sale. Went to the boat show this winter in Montreal and placed it with a dealer in Lachine named Ken Wagner. He estimates it could sell for under $20,000 Cdn. Mind you we have spent $20,000 in restoring this magnificent boat. Wonder if the folks in this area have an idea of the value of this finely crafted cruiser in comparison with other makes of boat in the same size range. Any suggestions on how we can get a true appraisal of its value and how we can best bring it to the attention of knowledgeable boat lovers? Wish we didn't have to part with it, but my husband's health is too fragile for him to don his captains' hat. Cheers, Dorothy Hogan chaine$$

27-03-2000 - This is my 1976 Coronet 32 with twin Volvo fours on shafts. I don't know the model name of this specific cruiser. Maybe you can help me. Any info on available printed material would be gratefully received. It has an aft cabin and beautiful polished mahogany interior. I get about 6.5 gallons per hour at 13 knots, with a top speed of about 20 knots.
Looking forward to further communication Bill Barrow [I've lost Bill's email]

22-03-2000 - Seen your site and am interested to contact other owners etc, I have a 24 and would like to contact anyone who has parts or information on these wonderful boats. Regards Rory Macmath. rory$$

02-02-2000 - i am in tuls ok area i found this boat in a small town not far from here. I have searched for two years now to find any information at all. I truly want to under take a complete restoration. But, how did this little boat get here ? It is possible to acquire a picture of what she might have look like when new? Are there more botved runabouts out there? If I start will I be able to get parts, Paint colors, interior you know everything it would take to bring this wooden beauty back to "just like new". Please find time to get back to me help me answer the question is it worth it? Thanks for any help! tmiesse tmiesse$$

31-01-2000 - Hi Simon, since August 99 I am a owner of a 32 Oceanfarer Wing. I try to find out some more details about my boat and the building company. Have you already received more information from other owners? Who has now the drawings and plans for coronet boats? Best regards Frithjof Walk  Frithjof.Walk$$

30-01-2000 - Dear Simon, My husband and I have a 24-foot twin-Volvo powered Coronet cruiser restored last summer. Unfortunately we will be obliged to sell it. It is now berthed at the Marina Île Perrot just west of Montreal. Any ideas on how we can best proceed? Need to know the value of the boat to set a realistic price. From searching the web, it seems to me the value is somewhere around $20,000 Canadian. Where do you think we can find the best knowledgeable market? Cheers, Dorothy Hogan chaine$$

26-09-1999 - I own a 27.5' express cruiser about 1982 vintage. I was thinking of installing a/c- any suggestions? Also, do you know of any related links? Regards Gray Sheppard wgs$$

24-09-1999 - Hello, I own a 1971 24' coronet cuddy cabin, with a volvo aq130 straight 6 cylinder. I'm not sure exacatly what model the outdrive is, but it is a volvo. I recieved this boat from my grandfather. I have all the original shipping papers signed and dated. Overall the boat is in great shape, whith a few after market items added(VHFradio,fish/depth finder,stereo,and battery inverter). To get to my point, I was wondering if you might have any idea on appoximatly what it would be worth. So far I have had trouble finding any information on these wonderful boats. So if you have any information, or know of anyone who does, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm so glad I finally found someone who also has a coronet from Denmark. Thank you for your time. Advid boater, Ranel Driggers Alunada$$

19-07-1999 - we have a 16' closed bow with a convertible top and flip up windshield - probably made in the 50's or early 60's. i am having trouble finding much information on these boats - we want to restore it (sitting for 20 years) any help would be appreciated. thanx, shelly deere$$

18-07-1999 - Regarding your web page on Botved boats, I own a 1957 Botved Coronet 17' runabout that I am in the process of restoring. Is this something that is of interest to you? I am having a difficult time finding any information about this company. If you would like to know more about my boat, please feel free to email me, Sincerely, Pat Cameron kbaum$$

17-05-1999 - I have a 1967 27 ft Coronet bought new by my father. I need information about re-powering it. Can you Help? DDEesquire$$

10-05-1999 - i have a 62 22' coronet explorer - i am the second owner lloking for the third. this boat is 95% original with brochures and parts catalogues. if you know anyone that would like to buy this great boat, would appreciate a heads up. i am asking $2500 US. It appriases at $5500 US. Needs compplete engine rebuild. Ray Knott arknott$$

06-05-1999 - Hi Simon, I am an owner of a Coronet 21 build in 1975 and I am also interested in information exchange, specially for repairing.  You can take also a look at my 21' at if you want to. Actually I search replacement for the Persenning (so we would call it in German - may be 'Rain-Hull' in english? - You know, what I mean?). Hope, we can help each other and sorry for my bad english.... Greetings, Olaf morgen$$

02-04-1999 - I own a 67 24 weekender which has been restored and is used out of Sackets Harbor on Lake Ontario in New York. If you have a source for new or rebuilt carbs please let me know. I am also considering repowering with two 130HP volvos. Thanks Philip T Brady pbrady1$$

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