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My Coronet 32 Oceanfarer

I bought "Frequently" in the summer of 1998.  The previous owner kept her for 15 years so he must have been pleased with her?  He re-engined her in 1989 replacing her original twin Volvo 170/280 Petrol Aquamatics with new twin Volvo 211A/SP290 Petrol Aquamatics.  When I bought her she had only done 550 hrs on these engines ...

The previous owner made some fundamental alterations to her ...

The armrests were removed from the double berth in the front cabin and wood fitted to widen the berth.
The addition of the Stainless Steel goalpost mast which primarily makes the cover simpler to put up.
The rear seat in the cockpit was altered to sit on hangers rather than the 'stool' design.
The addition of a rear bathing platform made from teak and stainless steel.

I have done the following bits and pieces to her ...

I have redesigned and built a new instrument panel, replacing the single lever controls with separate throttle and gear controls (I prefer it but many do not?)  I also added a Sync gauge which I find very useful.
My wife made new curtains to complement the new upholstery that a professional trimmer did for us.
The charging system (shore and engine power) has needed quite a bit of attention and so I now have both alternators split charging both battery banks so either engine will support both banks.  I want to add intelligent regulators and a decent current and voltage monitoring system.  [Any experiences you may have had in this area I would be interested to hear?]
I have bought a dinghy, an outboard, a portable generator, etc and of course a GPS which I think is the most amazing piece of electronics I have ever seen for the price ... I chose the Garmin 128 - excellent!    

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Recent News. Last Revised 26 Jun 2008

New Fittings

I have fitted a secondhand Eberspacher forced air heater running on paraffin [kerosene] - heats the cabin quickly - great investment!
An Electric Toilet [with macerator] which was mainly to keep the missus happy but I must declare it is a worthwhile addition! I am using freshwater to flush to eliminate that smell!
A water heater - this is a lovely little unit! It is an 'Elgena KB6 Kombi' which heats just 6 litres of water [up to 80 deg C] but I paid extra for the Kombi which has 240v AND 12v heating elements. As my engines are raw water cooled I cannot use engine heat but now I can run the 12v element, which draws 17Amps, whilst the engines are running and 240v when connected to shorepower. These heaters are made in Germany but are not easy to get hold of so if you are interested contact me and I will help! 


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