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T H E  B E S T  P O S S I B L E  S T A R T



In March 2008 Coronet Yachts displayed the new Coronet 290 Sport and the new Coronet 290 Weekend for the first time at the Copenhagen international boat show "Både i Bella".


The show was a huge success and the first boats where sold on the opening day of the show.


After the show, the Coronet 290 Sport and the Coronet 290 Weekend were launched and have undergone extensive tests by Coronet Yachts. Furthermore, they have been tested by various international boating magazines.


Magazines and media are still invited to test our boats together with the many customers, who have also taken the chance to try these fantastic new boats on the water. All the results of the tests have been extremely positive, and the customers receiving the first boats these days are stunned by the boats’ performance and sailing qualities.


Coronet Yachts has established contracts with dealers in Switzerland, WAR Bootbau & Boothandel, and in Sweden, Jotronic Marin. We welcome these two new dealers, who share our passion for fantastic boats and great design, and we are looking forward to expanding our distribution network further world wide.


We have received requests from various countries, and these are being reviewed carefully by us to make sure we find the partners, who share our views on good design and customer support. It is of great importance to us to establish contact with dealers, who share our passion for good design and seaworthy boats, as these have always been benchmarks for Coronet yachts in all sizes.


Following the launch of the Coronet 290 Sport and the Coronet 290 Weekend, we also had the possibility to make fine photo shoots of the boats for presentation. These new photos can be enjoyed at our website and in our brochure. If you would like to receive a hard copy of our brochure, this can easily be ordered directly from our website.


We wish you all a nice summer and great fun on the water and hope to see you all at the Coronet Stand at the boat shows in the autumn.


Best regards


Coronet Yachts


Jonas Pedersen 





M e e t   C o r o n e t   a t   t h e   f o l l o w i n g   B o a t s h o w s : 


2 0 0 8:




15th to 17th, Kolding international in water boatshow, Kolding, Denmark.


22nd to 24th, Öpna Varv,Orust, Sweden.




4th to 7th, Båter i Sjøen, Oslo, Norway.


4th to 7th, Stockholms Flytande boatshow, Stockholm, Sweden. 


20th to 28th, Interboot, Friedrichshafen, Germany.  


October :


25th to 2nd Nov. HanseBoot, Hamburg, Germany.


November :


6th to 9th, Stockholm Scandinavian boatshow, Stockholm, Sweden. 


2 0 0 9:


February : 27th to 1st of Marts, Fredericia international boatshow, Fredericia, Denmark  






C o r o n e t  2 9 0  S p o r t                                                                                                       C o r o n e t  2 9 0  W e e k e n d



Lenght: 29,1" (8.75 m)                                                                                                                                     Lenght: 29,1" (8.75 m)

Beam: 2.82 m                                                                                                                                                             Beam: 2.82 m

Weight: 3500 kg                                                                                                                                                       Weight: 3900 kg

Draft: 0.98 m                                                                                                                                                               Draft: 0.98 m

Fuel tank: 375 l                                                                                                                                                          Fuel tank: 375 l

Fresh water: 85 l                                                                                                                                                      Fresh water: 85 l

Beds: 2+2 pers.                                                                                                                                                         Beds: 2+2 pers

Engine: 2 x VP D3 Diesel 160 HP                                                                                                         Engine: 1 x VP D4 Diesel 260 HP

Speed range: 35 - 50 knots                                                                                                                        Speed range: 32- 45 knots


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