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32 Oceanfarer Background

The 32 Oceanfarer's hull was designed by Walt Walters & Jim Wynne (Jim Wynne designed the Volvo Aquamatic outdrive) with design and styling by Hans Bruun Bertelsen of Botved Boats.  

Usually they left the yard fitted with twin Volvo Petrol 170/280 Aquamatics but they were also fitted with twin Volvo Petrol 225hp Aquamatics.  Diesels were an option with the Perkins 145hp T6.354 V-drives and later the Volvo 106hp AQAD32.  

Actually the 32 was originally a 30 but they increased the length, around 1969, to 32ft which gave her a better ride and of course additional space mainly in the aft cockpit.  It is not a true deep-vee, the deadrise falls off to 16 at the transom, giving the lift required for full planing performance down to 14-15 knots.  A long chine-flat gives added lift and with considerable flare in the bows makes for a dry ride. 

The first Oceanfarers were imported into the UK in 1969 and cost 11,500 for the 170hp Petrol Volvos  (by the mid-70's the price was 18,000).  Less than 60 of these were imported into the UK.  Dell Quay Sales were the first importers who sold 35-40 by 1972 and later Poole Powerboats, later to evolve into Sunseeker International, sold another 17 up to 1976.

Looking at all the variety of pictures of Oceanfarers, I have noticed that there were quite a few minor differences between them over the years they were built.  Navigation lights are built into teak handles on some earlier models but later were chrome-type lights.  The fuel tank vents on earlier models are on the starboard side below the fillers but on later models they are either side of the transom.  There are also air vents in the transom & side protection fins on some models.  The cabin lights also changed over the years but generally the design remained unchanged apart from the addition of a fiberglass bathing platform and radar wing which distinguish the Oceanfarer Wing model which was still being sold in 1985 but it isn't believed to have been sold in the UK?

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